My workshops are fun, true, down to earth and valuable. I give everything that I have and my approach to business and photography is very simple, logic and understandable. I teach how I work with people, how I photograph, how I edit, how I market myself, how I run my business and much more. The feedback I have gotten from attendees is heart warming and it tells me that I'm doing something right.

The easiest way to attend a workshop with me is if you gather a group of people that are interested and then contact me.

 Photo: Harald Hjellum

Photo: Harald Hjellum

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Oslo workshop

22. og 23. januar 2018

Oslo workshop

Two days in snowy Oslo with a group of awesome photographers. Some beautiful portraits in the snow during the live shoot. Thanks a bunch to Moment Studio for lending us their studio so that we had a place to be :)

Norway workshop

The Norwegian wedding photography workshop

Dan Morris and myself had gotten many requests to hold workshops so we teamed up in my living room and gathered a group of photographers from all over UK and Norway for two days of learning. Click the image.

The UK workshop

The UK wedding photography workshop

Massive fun and two days filled with learning and new experiences in the wet and rainy Cotswolds in England. Held by the Three Musketeers Dan Morris, Aga Tomaszek and myself. Click the image.


Bergen workshop

Bergen workshop

From a wedding photography workshop I had in Bergen mixed with some other photography workshops. Click the image.