So you need more convincing, huh? Hey, don’t take my word for it. My previous clients may help building some trust:

Silje & Alex

We chose Eirik because we loved his style. What we got was a lovely experience that started as soon as we met up to chat. He is comfortable to be around, and importantly also seems really excited by his own creativity, which is great to watch and see the results of! We felt entirely safe trusting him to create something special for us to keep from our day, and were not disappointed. Our engagement session was great posing practise, and we adore those photos too. All the experiences we've had in the year since first getting in touch have been awesome, and we have some incredible photographs to look back on it with <3

Anette & Frode

Dear wonderful you!!!!

Thank you for the totally mind-blowing images! You were certainly worth the investment. We have laughed and cried as we've looked through the pictures. Hope you continue with your photography for many years ahead so that more people have the opportunity to look back through your lens!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Lisa & Nick

Well now that I've settled in back home, I just want to say how happy and proud I am that Nick and I planned our wedding entirely on our own and funded it completely. I also want to emphasize for those ladies or gents getting married soon that it is so very important to hire a good photographer and not to scrimp on what will be viewed by your family and future families to come as relics of family history. When I look at our wedding photos taken that day, I can't help but smile because they are so beautifully done and I know our families will appreciate having those nice photos to admire. Nick and I saved and saved to have our wonderful photographer Eirik take those beautiful shots and they truly capture the deep love and commitment Nick and I have for each other. Nick and I for the most part were frugal about everything else but our photographer and I recommend all future married couples to do the same. I am just very happy with them!

Caroline & Jonas

We do not regret for one moment that we engaged Eirik as our wedding photographer. With a day so full of impressions it was important for us to have someone who could capture each special moments. Eirik has a unique ability to bring out the mood in his pictures, be it small glance in the church, the emotional speeches, or the vibe of the location, without you even noticing that he's there. Not until you sit down with the pictures after the big day do you realize how important it is to have the right photographer with you. The highlight of the day was, in many ways, the bridal pictures. Eirik, with his comfortable and quiet nature, gavepeace to a couple of stressed outnewlyweds, room to breath and the opportunity to enjoy the moment and not see it slip away because of stress. He has a very good eye for finding great settings for pictures, andhe always has an option in his back pocket if something just doesn't work. His pictures speak for themselves; Eirik delivers the goods! Eirik has a really excellent service-minded attitude, so we felt very well taken care of throughout the process from planning the event to ordering the album; We felt that he was "our" wedding photographer, and not just another job. We give him our warmest recommendation! 

Sølvi & John

A slightly skeptical groom entered into this a bit unwillingly. He believed that it was a little unnecessary to have a full day of photography, but to please his future wife, he went along with it and agreed to choose Eirik. Engagement photos where included in our full-day package and this was a great way to get some practice for us to be a little romantic in front of the camera.

We got a bunch of gorgeous images that we chose to use for the invitation to the wedding. When the big day came, it was only during the official wedding pictures we noticed Eirik. He quietly walked around and captured gold! 

When the album was ready and the photo gallery came it was like reliving the day anew. Fantastic! All the big and small moments of our day had been captured. There were a few tears from the groom again. Whenever we look in our album, we fall in love all over again ❤ We could not be happier with the experience and the pictures we received. 

Lisbeth & Tor Gunnar

Kalispera! We are lying in bed in Rhodes with terrible wifi, smiling from ear to ear :D We are so incredibly excited and grateful that you had the opportunity to photograph our big day. We knew you were good at capturing natural and magical moments, but it was extra special to see from our own day <3 You're really talented! I don't know how many times we stopped while we browsed and said: We have to make this photo HUGE for our wall!  Thank you, thank you, thank you very much! We will highly recommend you to everyone. The photo shoot was so cozy that we would like to do it again, maybe on our golden wedding anniversary in 50 years? Just keep that in the back of your mind! 

HUGS from Lisbeth and Tor Gunnar <3

Maren & Rolf André

When we were looking for a photographer for our wedding, it was important for us to find a person who we believed could capture the mood, someone who was a creative and unconventional photographer. We found that in Eirik. When we saw his work for the first time we got the right feeling and knew he would give us the pictures we wanted. That good feeling was confirmed when we met. Eirik is a great person to deal with. Professional, quiet, pleasant and efficient. It was quite an emotional experience to see the images the first time. We are very pleased with the pictures and that we chose Eirik. He is passionate about what he does and it shows through the whole process and especially in the end result.

Krijah & Geethan

Eirik went above and beyond what we expected going to Norway from Toronto and deciding on an engagement photoshoot. He showed us some of the most beautiful sceneries we have ever seen yet! Eirik has a special talent in not only how he takes and envisions amazing photos but how he connects with people. He made us feel so comfortable, and made the experience so fun. He took the time and effort to go above and beyond, you can tell he truly has a passion and enjoys it. Thanks a million Eirik, we hope to meet you again :)

Pei Jun & Chee Kean

When we decided to fly all the way from Singapore to Norway to take our pre-wedding photoshoot, we went online to pick photographers there. Eirik's photos, especially the night shots (with starry skies!), won us over. My fiance, Chee Kean, and I really enjoyed the photoshoot and had some really special photos with the amazing scenery there in the town of Stavanger. We like especially the one taken at night with the light painting! Eirik was very creative and friendly throughout the photoshoot. The photoshoot is definitely one of most memorable moments together :)

Mona & Tor Sveinung

We are extremely pleased with both the images and the choice of photographer. Just by the little we showed you in advance [from], you understood exactly what style and mood we were looking for. Finally, we have some nice pictures of us together. So thank you! :D
Now it will be a joy to create invitations. It'll be hard to choose, because there were so many nice ones! Very good to know that we don't have to worry about shoot on the wedding day itself. You got us to relax so the results were so good. You are so talented :)

Henrikke & Glenn

THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT PICTURES!!! You have managed to capture the day and moments in a unique way. When we look through the images we ALWAYS notice new details. You have had a clear idea of hat you wanted with every photo. The retouching is also excellent! They are unfortunate the ones who do not get you as a photographer for their wedding. We could not have been more grateful that you captured our day, once again thank you! 

Most sincerely, Glenn and Henrikke

Singhui & Daniel

It all started when we decided to take a trip to Tromsø in Norway. My fiance, Singhui and I decided to take it a step further by taking our wedding photos in the amazing town of Tromsø. We went online and was inspired by the photos Eirik took for Chee Kean and Pei Jun. That was the start of our journey to brave the sub-zero temperatures at the Arctic Circle to take our pictures. It was amazing to shoot against the snow covered mountains and vast landscape of Tromsø. Eirik was warm, friendly and creative and made the photoshoot very memorable for us!! Thank you!

Camilla & Sigmund

You will struggle to find someone who is more passionate about his profession than Eirik!  Amazing dedication and totally wonderful pictures. We totally enjoyed ourselves as Eirik captured a ton of great photos!

Mari & Tore

There is no better, as simple as that! Five stars for photographer, images and creativity. Super happy customers!!!

Maya & Jan Ove

Fantastic collaboration with Eirik, who knows how to capture the emotion of each image.

Hanne & Bjarte

The results speak for itself. But they are like that because the process is a combination of ease and comfort with someone who is very professional. Eirik is an easy person to be around, which made the three photo sessions we have had with him, including our wedding day, fun-filled hours and although we actually all three times have had teeth chattering cold, the pictures are oozing with heat. However, you need to enjoy a little publicity should you choose Eirik, his pictures are very popular!