I'm yours for the amount of time we agree upon. You can ask me questions and I can come with suggestions. We start out by mapping where you are in your photography and business right now and then set a goal together for where you want to go. You will have to really mean it and put in the work required to achieve that goal. I will help you on your way and hold you accountable in your progress.

Do you want a full day together in person or over Skype? One hour a week or two hours a month over a longer period of time? 

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Lillian Nordbø

Stavanger, Norway

The mentoring with Eirik has been fantastic. Eirik puts his heart and soul into everything he does - including his mentoring. His good energy and engagement rubs off and he is a very interesting and honest guy. It’s impossible to be around Eirik without getting inspired.
I love how he’s pushing me outside of my comfort zone and to have a positive view on life. He has introduced me to the photography community in Norway which means a lot to me.
My whole idea about business/photography/clients/editing/pricing is turned up side down and I have become so much safer, stronger, happier, better and more complete, for real! And most important of all: I’m thriving in my job much better now than what I did before.

Eirik has taught me to dare to be the photographer I want to be - not just do what every photographer does. I think that to love what you are doing is the biggest source to grow, and that is where Eirik has helped me to blossom. I have gained more respect for myself as a person and as a photographer and I have also made a new friend. I cannot brag enough. Eirik is worth every penny!

Portrett_Kjellaug_foto Ida Sofie-2.jpg

Kjellaug Breian Langø

Tønsberg, Norway

I kind of get a new experience with my photos when I’m using what I have learned in Lightroom alone. The mentoring with Eirik really lifted me up to the next level! I still have a way to go but base point is way better than before the mentoring. I wanted to give up photography but decided to give it a real try first. 

Eirik has helped me to see what is good and what can be improved. You can really achieve what you want if you just put the work into it. The mentoring gave me a lot of tools to help me on my way. I had to push myself and Eirik helped me with that. I wouldn’t be so active this summer with personal projects and models if it wasn’t for me wanting to feels accomplishment and see results. It’s priceless to have someone to share thoughts and ideas with and to push me in the right direction.

christian david.jpg

Christian David Turner

Atlanta, GA

Testimonial coming soon!

jessica jager.jpg

Jessica Jager

London, UK

How do I sum up Eirik?

Energetic, innovative, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, passionate and inspiring.

The fact that Eirik enjoys teaching and mentoring really shines through and you can’t help but be inspired too!
Eirik is patient and has a way of explaining things in a manner that makes everything easy to understand.

If you are looking for some mentoring, then I can 100% recommend  working with Eirik. You won’t regret it!

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