Workshops with Eirik Halvorsen

Photography and wedding photography workshops with Norwegian wedding photographer Eirik Halvorsen.

Both photos:  Harald Hjellum

Both photos: Harald Hjellum

I have done quite a few workshops and photography courses the past 18 months and more and more people are asking me when and where the next one is going to be. I recently had a photography workshop in my living room and a wedding photography workshop in Bergen. The winners of SmartSlides and SmartAlbums from those two workshops will be announced at the end of this blog post. Thanks to my wonderful sponsors Pixellu. I really love being able to teach people the things that I know and see them grow as photographers.

Would you like me to come to your studio or living room and host a workshop with me? Please send me an email so we can get the ball rolling:
I speak fluent Norwegian and English so both languages are fine with me.

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I have learned a lot by teaching others and it really helps me developing myself as a photographer. I have also learned that I need to invest in my own projector and the right cables so that I don't have to MacGyver together a shittyrig like this one (thanks Harald for your DIY problem solving approach to any situation!).

My workshops are fun, true, down to earth and valuable. I give everything that I have and my approach to business and photography is very simple, logic and understandable. I teach how I work with people, how I photograph, how I edit, how I market myself, how I run my business and much more. The feedback I have got from attendees is heart warming and it tells me that I'm doing something right. The easiest way to attend a workshop with me is if you gather a group of people that are interested and then contact me. Remember to also sign up to my list :)

The winners of a free year of SmartSlides: Janne Britt Nedland and Caroline Kirkhus.
The winners of SmartAlbums: Solveig Jåstad and Viktorija Gedrimiené.

Congratulations! Send me a message on Facebook so we can sort it out for you. The rest of the attendees gets a discount on SmartAlbums so get in touch with me before you buy :)