We didn't hire a professional wedding photographer and this is what we are left with

"The wedding was so expensive so we couldn't afford to hire a professional photographer, but nowadays cameras are so good that our guests can take all the photos for us for free."

UPDATE: This is a fantasy scenario. We actually hired a very talented wedding photographer but these photos showcase what our wedding photos would look like if we didn't. I am a professional wedding photographer myself. Feel free to say hello in social media and check out my work :)

We have all heard it: "save money by hiring a hobby photographer" or "my uncle got a really great camera and he will take our wedding photos for free". I will light a candle for all of you who regret in hindsight that you didn't hire a professional photographer for your wedding or your special one-day event.

I recently came across a thread in a wedding group on Facebook where a coming bride said they wanted to save money by not hiring a professional wedding photographer and let the guests be in charge of the photos. I mean, they will take pictures, right? You just have to get everyone to dropbox you the photos after and you can make your own album and look back on those special moments forever.

Can you though? 

This inspired me to make this blog post. Me and my wife got married almost four years ago and we saved two years in prior to our wedding to be able to pay all the expensive stuff. We actually cut the cost everywhere possible to be able to hire our dream photographer. We got creative and made things ourselves out of found objects and got craftsy with some good 'ole paint and nails. People spend thousands on their weddings from decorations, flowers, wedding cake, invitations, table charts...well, the list is endless. All I know from the experience of getting married is that all that is left today is the photos and my wife's expensive wedding dress that she has tried to sell many times since our wedding with no luck.

Some of our wedding photos by Jeff Newsom photographer below the article.

The following photos are actual photos from our own wedding taken by our guests and this is what the documentation of our day would look like if we didn't go for a professional who actually knows how to capture a wedding. 

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For us, photos are important and we went the extra mile in hiring Jeff Newsom to document our day. We are extremely happy and proud to be photographed by such an amazing artist. Click on the image below to see more photos from our wedding.

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Lisa and Nick's elopement in Oslo, Norway

Lisa and Nick's elopement in Oslo, Norway