Victoria and Kyle - Aurora Borealis wedding photography in Lofoten, Norway

Norway wedding photographer captures Northern Lights in Lofoten.

I don't know where to begin. This trip exceeded all our expectations. the weather, the surroundings, the airbnb host, the northern lights...this is my new favorite photo of all time now:

Eirik Halvorsen Victoria and Kyle blog-1.jpg

Let's take it back a notch before we move on. Victoria wrote me an email telling me about their secret plans to elope to Norway and asked me where I wanted to go. I just casually told her that I have never been to Lofoten and from what I've seen and heard it is pretty spectacular. 

Shortly after they booked me I booked some jobs in Los Angeles, where they live, and we did an ultra secret engagement shoot. You see, only her sister and I knew about their plan so all I have ever posted of them before is a silhouette photo. 
Anyway, a funny thing about their engagement shoot is that Kyle wrote me a week before to say that he got her engagement ring back from the fitting and she didn't know it. He suggested that we did a photo of him going down on his knees with the ring, even though they were already engaged. He said "she's going to tell me that I'm an idiot", and sure thing: when he took the ring out of his pocket she said "you're an idiot".

That's what I call true love <3

Back to Lofoten. They rented a small cozy cabin by the sea and we spent the first afternoon exploring the Northern region. That's when we ended up in a nazi museum in Svolvær... The sign said "war history museum" but come on! It was mildly creepy.

That evening the owner of the airbnb knocked on the door. He just came back from a fishing trip out in the North Sea and asked us if we wanted some fresh fish. Ummm...HELL YES! 
He filleted the fish in front of us on the boat and we had a delicious dinner. 
The day after was the big day and we just drove around exploring, stopping where we saw some great spots and photographed. A fantastic sunny day with a magical sunset.

We came back home to the cabin and decided to wait 30 minutes until it gets dark so that we could do some starry sky photos because of the clear skies. Suddenly someone knocked on the door and it was the owner who told us to come outside. And there it was. The most spectacular Northern lights show across the skies. Make sure to look to the very end to see all the Aurora Borealis photos!