UK wedding photography workshop

Great success!! I mean, judging from my own experience and all the attendees feedbacks! Together with Dan Morris and Aga Tomaszek I have been doing a workshop for aspiring wedding photographers two times now. First time at my house in Norway and this time at Dan's house in Cheltenham, UK. It is so inspiring to teach others and we as a trio really gets the point out there that there is no right way of doing things. We all accomplish the same things in three different ways and that is an eye opener for many. We cover things from business and marketing, live shoot with real people (no models), personal development, client communication, flash and pretty much everything in between. The energy in the group was amazing (just like last time back in Norway. I guess we just attract awesome people, eh? ;) ) and I'm grateful to be a part of this team. The feedback has been utterly positive (already getting that bri-ish slang in) and I'm mind blown beyond words from how much the attendees learned and how much we all learned from each other.

Thank you so much to wonderful Emily and Laura for being our models on the day and to Kim and Ryan to model for us during the night shots. Thanks to our sponsors Pixellu for SmartAlbums and SmartSlides, JPEGmini of course and to Nikon Nordic (and SORRY that I forgot all the stuff at home).

If you are interested in participating on a future workshop please sign up to our email list. It's where we inform about future events and get our workshops sold out before they hit the public (sounds braggy but it actually happened!).