The Martins - California family photography in San Luis Obispo

I met Jered three years ago when I attended Jeff Newsom's photography workshop in San Luis Obispo. We totally clicked (no pun intended) and have kept in touch online ever since. It's so good to have someone to send photos back and forth for critique and to get another opinion sometimes. I also met Amanda on that same trip and it has been so fun following their journey to become parents not just to one little rascal but two! 
When I went to Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago Jered wanted to book a family shoot with me so that we could meet up and hang out again and I'm so grateful that I got to hire a car and once again do a little road trip North on the 101 bustin' rhymes loud for myself.

Jered is a fantastic photographer and is about to move to the South-East of USA so make sure to hit him up for your wedding or family photography. This was btw my "first" ever family shoot. What do you think?