Cecilie and Are - Engagement shoot in the low Norwegian winter sun

Cecilie and Are are getting married this summer and we met up this week to do some engagement photos. It's still not really a thing here in Norway yet but COME ON! Everyone should do an engagement shoot and here are some reasons why: 
- It's a chance to try out your photographer before the big day.
- You will get some practice in posing and how to interact with your photographer before the big day.
- Usually when I photograph my clients it's their very first time being photographed by a professional. I try to make sure that it is as pleasant and chill as possible.
- You will get beautiful photos of you and your loved one without all the wedding stuff.
- The photos can be used as invitations to your wedding.
- Or even better: do an engagement shoot and use the photos to tell your families and friends that you are getting married!
- Take it even one more step back and do a couples shoot with your loved one and PROPOSE to turn it into an engagement shoot. It's awesome! Just check out when Ruben did exactly that.

You need more convincing? Give me a call. I have 100 more reasons :D