Singaporean Pre Wedding photos in Lofoten, Norway - Gloria and Eugene

When Singaporeans look for a Norwegian photographer to photograph their pre wedding photos in the beautiful landscape of Norway, it seems like they all come to me.

That was not a complaint.

I have shot a fair bit of Singaporeans and the only reasonable next step is to fly me to Singapore to photograph your wedding ;) ;) ;)
(do you live in Singapore and are planning your wedding? Let's make it happen! Let's chat!).

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Amazing views over Reinefjorden

Amazing views over Reinefjorden

Ok, let's move on to Gloria and Eugene's photos now.

I feel so incredibly honored that people from the other side of the planet connects with me, create a bond and fly me to the destination of their dreams to let me photograph them. 

Massive thanks to Adrian Castillo for helping me out finding a tour guide to my amazing clients and massive thanks to Audun I. Rasmussen for taking them on two separate hikes after our shoot day :)

When Gloria and Eugene wanted my recommendations on where to stay during their days in Lofoten I didn't hesitate for a second to suggest Sakrisøy Rorbuer as their accommodation.

They were in Oslo for a medical conference, since they both work in a hospital in Singapore, and extended their Norway trip to include their pre wedding shoot in Lofoten.

By the way, I think that more couples who gets married should get ready together:

We started out shooting just outside Sakrisøy Rorbuer:

It was pretty cold, and a nice lady in one of the other cabins offered the bride to be a cup of steaming hot tea :)

And then we jumped in the car to explore the surroundings. We drove down to Reine, photographed around some stockfish that was drying everywhere and of course used Reinefjorden as a backdrop.

After a dress change we headed North to try to catch the sunset (if there was going to be any). The weather forecast said sunny all day but as you can see it was pretty cloudy. 

I always tell my clients that the weather changes very quickly in Norway.

Anyway, we had to drive an hour North to get to the other side of the mountains, because they blocked our (possible) sunset!

Without anything more than hope, crossed fingers and happy thoughts we went for it.

Did we get lucky?

Are you planning your wedding in Rogaland or anywhere else in Norway? or maybe you want to elope to a beautiful location with just your love? Either way I would love for you to get in touch with me :)

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