Eli and Kjetil - Sunset engagement shoot at Sirevåg

Are you getting married and planning your wedding these days? 

An engagement shoot is the perfect relief where you can relax together, have some fun and have photos for your invitations taken (and much more but I won't get into details now).

Kjetil channeled his inner model and Eli couldn't stop laughing. Good thing I already placed them in good light and had my camera ready :)

It helps you relax more and the photoshoot gets less intimidating.

Very few people have been professionally photographed before and their association to being photographed is an aunt at a birthday party or a friend at a night out pushing their camera up in your face and says: "SMIIIILE!" **CLICK**

Those photos rarely turn out good...

"The engagement shoot removed all my nerves and anxiety about being photographed on our wedding day".

That is one of the biggest compliments I have gotten from doing an engagement shoot. It was the soon-to-be groom who told me after an engagement session back in 2014. 

Right at that moment I understood that this is so much more than just pretty pictures.

We get to know each other better.

I will learn more about who you actually are and you will get to practice being in front of the camera. The result is way better photos. 

An engagement shoot with me is pretty much a hangout for an hour or two while we walk around becoming a little more friends. 

Who do you want to show up in your wedding, "a photographer" or someone you already know, trust and have a connection with?

Are you looking for a photographer for your wedding day?

Write me a message and say hello. Tell me about your plans, ideas and thoughts. I have photographed so many weddings now that I almost consider myself as a wedding planner haha. I promise you I can help you out with some really great advice and tips - and photos of course :)

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