Mariel and Lars - Norwegian winter wedding at Gaustablikk

First wedding of 2017 was a cold one. Wind, snow and freezing temperatures in the mountains in Rjukan, Telemark. Funny thing is, as always, sun and blue sky were prominent the day before AND the day after. We were supposed to go with Lars' fathers helicopter to some epic mountain top but the weather kind of said "ehhh, not so much!". Just goes to show that you can not predict the weather on your wedding day. Fortunately I have awesome clients who eats bad weather for breakfast (you should seriously take a look at Alyssa and Bryon and tell me where they get their drive from). Mariel and Lars were just as tough in the freezing cold day we had on Saturday. They were also wearing traditional Norwegian bunad. Telemarksbunad in fact, and Mariel has sewn Lars' bunad for him! So cool to photograph a couple in something else than black suit and white dress for a change.
Final words: YES to more winter weddings :D