Sølvi and John - Humanist wedding at Sola Strand Hotel

The sun decided to be out, wich ruined parts of Sølvi's speech and John's hope of wedding photos with a rainbow. I managed to create a tiny in-camera rainbow with some reflections and flares going on to try to meet his wish :)
Leo Moracchioli was in charge of the dancing and if you haven't seen his YouTube channel, you know what to do now! He is a one man army sounding like a 6-piece rock band. Pretty good deal if you are looking for some dance-offs in your wedding reception.

Tusen takk for at jeg fikk være med dere og at dere lot meg bruke fantasien min til å skape magi sammen. Jeg gjorde "Arnevigen" hele tiden i går mens jeg redigerte bilder <3

PS: If you are wondering what Sølvi does when she thinks her dress is too big to dance in, just scroll down.