Silje and Alex - DIY summer wedding in the south of Norway

First of all, if you haven't see their engagement photos I suggest you go do that first. They include a cat, a rainbow and some stars. It's ok. I'll wait here.
And back to the wedding. When I say DIY wedding I mean D.I.Y. for real! They spent weeks of making stuff, foraging moss and driftwood and Silje made almost 100 miniature monsters (photo below) for every guest to bring back home! As for planning their wedding, I think these two did a thorough job. If you are following me on Snapchat (halvorseneirik) you may saw their Tuesday takeovers where they filmed and photographed their wedding preparations. Lots of good wedding inspiration there. I included their stories in a reel at the bottom. Make sure to check it out.

By the way, Silje's engagement ring is made by Alex out of an American half dollar from 1964. Just sayin'.

I have brought with me my good friend and videographer Kristian Dale this summer to do some video work for me and he edited together a reel from Silje and Alex's wedding day which I also included below. He is new to wedding videography but is aiming to do more wedding work in the future so make sure to hit him up! I do think that wedding video is a growing market here in Norway and will be more and more popular. If you are considering video for your wedding, maybe you should jump on it now before all the good videographers get booked? ;)

Featured on Rock 'n Roll Bride with way more photos than here + some words from Silje <3

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