Samantha and Brian - Autumn Wedding at Trout Lake in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania wedding photography

I'm so excited to show you this wedding. As a Norwegian wedding photographer I really love to travel to other countries and experience how things are done there. 

This wedding was held at Trout Lake on a beautiful Autumn day in October. Just look at those colors <3

Make your wedding day your own

Sam and Brian actually met at Trout Lake when they both worked there at summer camp, which makes this location even more special for their wedding.

Moment driven wedding photography

I always strive to capture real moments. It requires me to anticipate, wait and constantly be on the lookout for interactions and happenings. When a moment unfolds I always shoot through it which sometimes can result in some funny gifs like this one:

...or moments like this, where a guest tried to photograph another guest while holding the camera the wrong way:

Mixed guests that doesn't know each other? Make a friendship game!

This game was invented during the summer camp days and was called Huggie Bear or something. Everyone gathered on the lawn and someone called "Huggie Bear 5!" or "...2!" or "...4!" and everyone had to gather in groups of the respective number that was called. The ones who were left out lost. It went on until there was a winner. 

What a super fun way to break the ice amongst the guests :)

The walking "ceremony"

They actually got married on the West coast prior to this wedding on the East coast because of friends and relatives spread around. So instead of a second ceremony, the whole wedding party walked around the premises while Sam and Brian told stories about where and how they met during the summer camp. 

Super cute, different and very fun. It brought all the guests closer to their story which I found really awesome!

"How much time should we set aside for portraits?"

A common question I get asked a lot. There is exactly 24 minutes from the first to the last portrait according to the metadata in my cameras (images below this text). I have also produced similar results in even less time.

It's all about trust and hanging out and having fun. 

...oh and by the way, it's time to mention that I was second shooting this wedding with my awesome friend and fellow wedding photographer Peter Mackey. Go check out his work and follow him in social media.

I also photographed his crazy family while I was in Pennsylvania. Yeah you heard right. I did a family shoot, but not in the ordinary way... Go check out the photos here (after you finish this blog post of course).

And continuing on the 24 minute portrait series:

Portraits in the dark. You want them. Let's sneak away for 3 minutes more.

I always ask my clients if they want to come outside for something different. Something extra. I love playing in the dark and create something unique and playful.

I kind of saved the best photo until the end of this blog post. Just wait until you see it...

There was also an outdoor pool. No pun intended.

The perfect ending to a wedding day?

S 'mores, campfire stories and silly songs. What a great way to wrap up such a beautiful day. Just be careful not to light your marshmallow on fi... - too late...

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