Kailey and Adam - New York City couples photographer

Manhattan engagement and wedding photographer

OK, now that the SEO headline is over with we can get into the deets! Only one of theses are correct, which one?

  1. I listened to Alicia Keys - New York on repeat while editing these photos.

  2. I listened to Frank Sinatra - New York, New York on repeat while editing these photos.

The number one thing that I love with traveling is to meet people and hang out. Kailey and Adam was not disappointing at all when they showed me a locals' perspective on New York City. We had falafel in a tiny hole in the wall shop and freaking Ivan Ramen for dinner! This is not a food blog (though it might as well could be!) so I'll just say this:

If you live anywhere in the world and my photos speak to you in any way, contact me so we can talk about it because we can make it work. I mean, we WILL make it work <3