Holly and Dan - Couples shoot in Cheltenham, Cotswolds UK

I met the talented wedding photographer Dan Morris at a workshop in London last summer held by Photography Farm. Developing my skills is very important to me and if you are just starting out with your dream business I highly recommend finding someone you can teach from. It may be a workshop or a one-on-one mentoring program. The bonus with attending a workshop with other people is that you will be in a creative learning bubble together with likeminded people and make new friends. Dan was over here shooting a wedding for me a few weeks ago when I was double booked and it goes to show that friends in the industry is very important. 
This week I went to Cheltenham to hang out and edit in another scenario while my wife is on holiday with her family. I made some new friends as well, Holly and Sid the sausage (who helped me light painting in the last photo with green and blue color), and I hope to see you both in Norway in the near future :)

Cymru am byth!