Hege and Andreas - Wedding at Yrineset by Briksdalsbreen

This is what I call getting married in the heart of Norway. I have hardly been at a more spectacular, eye-pleasing location than Yrineset by Oldevatnet. An emerald green lake beneath Briksdalsbreen.


I covered the brides preparation and we were 20 minutes late to the ceremony because of the decorations on the car. The brides father could only go so fast without all the decorations falling off. They got married in Oppstryn Kyrkje and a helicopter ride got cancelled because of the weather (oh really? That sounds familiar...). Never the less, we got a lot of beautiful photos.

Hege's beautiful wedding dress belonged to her late mother and has been redesigned by the talented Tuva Listau.

First timers in this wedding:
- I slipped and slid down a wet and muddy grass hill, soaked my pants and got muddy pants, shoes and jacket.
- My photo on a beer label.

Huge thanks to Vig Anmol from Alfaaz Photography coming all the way from Canada to second shoot with me in this wedding!