Genevieve and Jasper - 4 day pre wedding road trip

Four day pre wedding photography trip through the West coast of Norway.

Road trip through the most epic part of Norway? Well, yes! I will try to be short, but the trip was something like this:
I got picked up in Bergen and from there we drove straight to Gaularfjell and the awesome lookout point there. We spent two night in a cabin below Briksdalsbreen (Briksdal Glacier) and did a full day shoot around Olden, Loen Skylift (we were literally inside the clouds at over 1000 meters above sea level) and ended the day walking up to the glacier.

The following day we drove through Geiranger. The road to, Geiranger itself and the road from is really beautiful with stunning mountains and fjords everywhere. We stopped the car to go shoot more than one place. We also had an amazing fish soup at Brasserie Posten in Geiranger. 
We had to drive down Trollstigen to get to Åndalsnes, where our accommodation for the night was, but because of the clear starry sky that night we drove back up and experienced THE MILKY WAY (see last image) with our own eyes. It was incredibly beautiful. And incredibly cold.

The last day was spent in Ålesund where we met my friend and colleague Tone Molnes who, with her contacts, got us into the closed aquarium to shoot. Thanks for that!

Now enjoy the photos. There are many. Let me know what you think in a comment. If you and your loved one want to to a road trip somewhere, please get in touch! :)

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