Easton, PA hangouts, Mystic Seminars and personal photography

I shoot way too little just for myself. Last year I was in USA photographing weddings, couples and a maternity shoot and one of the days I was hanging out with Adam and Peter in Easton, Pennsylvania.

I photographed Adam and his wife Kailey in New York City. You should check that out after.

Adam and Peter posing as a New Wave Folk Country duo.

Adam and Peter posing as a New Wave Folk Country duo.

Adam Atkinson and Peter Mackey are both awesome photographers and I met them at Mystic Seminars in Portland early 2017. Going to conferences has been important for me to meet other people in the industry, both vendors and people I now can call friends and colleagues.

I have attended many wedding photography conferences in Europe and USA and I must say that Mystic Seminars is my favorite. And you know what? I'm speaking at Mystic 2019!

Ok, back to personal photography. What I mean is that I have always wanted to photograph more just for the sake of photographing. To practice more, experiment more and evolve my own shooting. This was definitely a day for that and now I'm posting this blog post to keep myself accountable. 

Speaking about Easton. I totally fell in love with the small town. Lot's of buildings painted in vibrant colors, great vibe, awesome restaurants and bars. Totally a place I want to go back to!

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