Cynthia and Kyle - 7 day Europe pre wedding road trip part 1

Kyle contacted me earlier this year after he and Cynthia saw Singhui and Daniel’s pre wedding shoot I did in Tromsø in March (which got both national and international press!). At first he spoke about this epic European trip flying around big capitals and doing a shoot in each place and then end up in Rome. I was blown away by this inquiry because it really resonated with my wanderlust soul. I really love to travel!

After some thought I didn’t fancy the idea after all because airports, delayed flights, trains to the main station downtown in a capital somewhere and so on. Where and when would the photo shoots take place? It would be too stressful. We talked back and forth with some ideas and Iceland briefly came into the mix, but everyone does Iceland pre wedding photos or elopements nowadays and I’m more into something fresh (don’t take me wrong, if you want to elope to Iceland I would love to come with you and photograph but I will never photograph you in front of the airplane or that famous waterfall. I want to use Iceland in a new and exciting way). Anyway. Where was I? Yes, the Europe trip. I freaking love road trips and immediately came up with another version: Let’s meet up in Prague and drive to Rome! Central Europe during autumn? Hell yes!

We had a fantastic time and drove from Prague through Czech Republic (not Czechoslovakia Kyle ;) ), to Bielsko Biala in Poland, through Slovakia, Wien, Salzburg, over the Austrian Alps into Venezia and ended up in Rome. 7 days of awesomeness right there! Nikoleta Makeup from Barcelona joined for makeup and hair styling.

Because of the immense number of photos I'm cutting it down to the first 3 days in this blog post. Day 3 here is from Bielsko Biala in Poland. We woke up sure early and photographed in the streets before the locals went to work. After that we had CAKE for breakfast at an amazing bakery called Cremino Bakery. Pawel, I'm coming back and I'm bringing my wife <3