Cecilie and Are - Casual wedding at home with pizza for dinner

Have you ever seen a beautifuler cat? This wedding was super down to earth with a mid day ceremony outside Kronen Gaard Hotell followed by a dinner with close family. After that we went to my old stomping ground Hommersåk where I grew up to do some portraits. Funny thing, I never location scout. At all. I like to see what is around and then use that. This day was a prime example of how awesomeness can appear if you don't look for it. We were walking towards a place I had in mind which could be cool, but we went the wrong way somewhere and the path just stopped in front of the gate to someones cabin. We kindly asked if they could show us the right direction but she said we could walk through their garden to get to the other side. The cabin was an amazing piece of architectural art, and both Cecilie and Are were stunned by its beauty. So I asked if we could take some pictures there with the cabin as a backdrop which the owner said was totally fine. How awesome!

After the shoot we went home to their house where all their friends were waiting and the pizza were soon to be delivered. They actually met when they used to work at Dolly Dimple's so the pizza of choice was not hard <3