Britton and Henryk - Rustic wedding at Hoffman Haus in Fredericksburg, Texas

One of the main reasons that I chose to become a wedding photographer is because I’m really interested in people and cultures. I’m really lucky that I get to travel to photograph in other countries and  I feel so grateful for all the people I get to meet and the new friends I’m making. 

In January 2017 I attended Mystic Seminars in Portland, OR, and one of the people I became friends with there was Sarah Goss. A really talented wedding photographer from Austin, TX. She invited me to second shoot two weddings with her in and around Austin area. It was perfect because it lined up with a wedding in Pennsylvania (blog coming soon), this couples shoot in New York City and a vacation with my wife. 

Two big things that differentiates weddings in Austin from weddings in Norway is that in Austin everything happens at the same place and the ceremony is later in the afternoon. 

Here in Norway the bride and the groom gets ready at two different locations which is a fair distance to the church where the ceremony is. And after the ceremony everyone has to go to even another location for the reception. A church ceremony in Norway is usually between noon and 3pm while the ceremonies in Austin were between 4pm-6pm - AND they were outdoors!

Of course, it’s easier to be outdoors in Texas than in Norway, but I have photographed a fair bit of outdoor ceremonies in Norway too and I love it! More of that please :)

Since I was second shooting this wedding I was in charge of the grooms preparations plus covering alternate angles from what Sarah was shooting. Therefor I am missing important shots in this gallery that Sarah already covered if you get my drift.

Sorry not sorry for all the dancing photos. 

What can I say? If your wedding is an epic party, I will party with you, and the photos will look like it felt being there because I will be right IN the action. Let the photos be the judge :)