Marianne and Ole Martin - Sunset engagement shoot in Tananger

I love having "clients on call". That way, when the weather looks good and there is a possibility for an epic sunset, I just start from the top of my list and call until someone says yes. Usually the first couple says yes. We parked at Tananger Sjøbad and walked over to a smal super cozy bay with small boat houses and mini piers. And the perk of living on the west coast is that the sun dips into the sea, like on this day.

Andrine and Thomas - Norway wedding photographer in Utvik

I love traveling and I love meeting new people. Being a wedding photographer from Norway I get to do that, and I think it's the variety in people and places that gets me going. When two people gets married it's not only about them but about two families and a bunch of friends. Spending a few days with Andrine and Thomas in Andrine's old stomping ground was amazing and I'm so grateful for being a part of their celebration.

Thomas shares my love for coffee and this has been the first wedding where I didn't have to worry about bad coffee. Thanks again guys. You rule! :D

Day 2

Ashlyn and Michael - Elopement on the West Coast of Norway

Right from the first email we really clicked and I knew this was going to be awesome. There must be something about them because I have never spent 4 sunny days in a row in Bergen before. It's actually the city with the most annual downfall in the world. Ashlyn and Michael came all the way from Georgia, USA to Bergen and flew me there to hang out, go on a road trip and photograph. 

I had another wedding further North the following weekend so I put up a workshop during my stay in Bergen. I'm so lucky to have awesome clients so Ashlyn and Michael modeled for me so I could show the workshop attendees how I work when photographing. If you are interested in doing or hosting a workshop with me, read more about it here.

If you want to elope or if you want me to photograph you wherever you are, please get in touch. I would love to get the conversation going. Now on to the photos!