Hege and Andreas - Engagement shoot in Bygdøy

After a week in California and 12+ hours of travel with no sleep for over 24 hours I met up with Hege and Andreas just outside Oslo for a walk around Bygdøy. I freaking love doing engagement shoots because it is so relaxed, down to earth and I get a chance to really get to know my clients before the wedding day. That way it's not "the photographer" who meets up in your wedding, it's your friend Eirik. There is no awkwardness and no uncertainty. It makes for better photos since you can totally relax and be yourselves and never have to worry about the photographer.

I also started a "campaign" here in Norway amongst photographers to do more engagement photos with Blikkfangerne to back it up. Check out #BlikkfangerneForlovelse on Instagram to see where Norway is at with engagement photos :)

Kat and Leon - Couples shoot at Griffith Park

Leon and I met around 10 years ago on a photography forum online. Needless to say that in 2010 when me and my wife ended our 4 week USA road trip in LA we had to meet up. For me I guess this is the power of the internet and I find it intriguing to keep in touch with people all over the globe because of that. Our guest room is always open and I'm lucky to have friends like Kat and Leon who open their house for me every time I'm in Los Angeles. 

Thank you guys for an awesome week of hang outs and fun. Lots of memories are brought home. See you in Norway very soon ;)

Ariell and Rodney - Sunset shoot at Vasquez Rocks

This is one of the things that never happens. Ariell contacted me off of a comment she was tagged in on one of my Facebook posts. I was announcing that I was going to be in Los Angeles to photograph and while I was there I booked a couples shoot with Ariell and Rodney. That is so awesome and I want more of that! Ok? Tag your friends in your comments on my photos so that they book a shoot kthnxbai.

Anyway, on this day I got to really experience what the locals mean by "LA traffic". I thought I was clever by starting one hour before I originally wanted to start. I looked at Google Maps and found the location they wanted to shoot in, Vasquez Rocks. I calculated everything so if they picked me up one hour earlier than necessary we would have enough time.


Due to traffic they were one hour late to pick me up, so we lost my pre calculated head start. Then, on our way to photograph at Vasquez Rocks we were stuck in traffic again and lost almost another whole hour. I was looking at the sun. On the map. On the hills that would engulf the light and leave us in total shadow. Making irrational judgments in my head to steer off the road and just go somewhere else, BUT. I stuck to the plan and we arrived at the parking lot 20 minutes before the sun totally disappeared behind a hill. Usually I don't need more than 30 minutes to one hour for a shoot like this so it was enough time. Plus we were at an awesome location so there was tons of scenic backgrounds to incorporate in the shots.
Ariell and Rodney are both body builders so they already knew how to pose (at least a super hero pose). 

Instead of calling it a day I talked with a park ranger prior to the shoot and asked if he could drive around talking in his speaker and say: "If anyone in the park is the owner of a black Jeep please turn around and return to the parking lot and remove yourselves from the premises. I will proceed to lock the gate. I repeat: please exit the park because I will proceed to lock the gate. Thank you".

I didn't tell him to do that.